Franciscan Brothers of Peace

 Who We Are


Born during the pontificate of our Holy Father of blessed memory, Pope John Paul the Great, we are a growing, strongly pro-life religious brotherhood dedicated to giving our lives for love of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.

Following our own Statutes and the Third Order Regular Rule of St. Francis of Assisi, we strive to live a common life of prayer and repentance, fraternal love and support. We are committed to live and proclaim the Gospel of Life, devoting ourselves to serve and defend the most vulnerable of our society: the pre-born child, the severely disabled, survivors of torture, the poor and the homeless.

What We Believe

We are the first religious brotherhood canonically established in the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, and we are under the authority of its archbishop.

As Roman Catholic religious, we believe and profess all that the Catholic Church presents to us through our Holy Father, Benedict XVI and his successors, the Magisterium (the teaching authority of the Church), Sacred Apostolic Tradition (which includes the great Symbols [creeds] of the Faith that so beautifully define our belief in the One, Triune God) and Sacred Scripture.

 Franciscan Brothers of Peace
Queen of Peace Friary
1289 Lafond Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104-2035
Phone: 651-646-8586
Fax: 651-646-9083

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